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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  March 19, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning everyone on this monday, march 19th, 2012. a live look at the jefferson memorial today. and temperatures not too bad outside, let's see what's in store for the week. good morning everyone. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. did you have a good weekend? >> i did. the weather was nice. >> yeah, had to get out and find something to do. >> and tucker barns had a lot to do this weekend. how are you doing? a little sore? >> yeah, a little pad on the seat. more coming up on that a little
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bit. my attempt at running a marathon. let's get to the radar. sprinkles and showers across the area. to the west, a sprinkle or two. and then a good thunderstorm complex in western maryland and west virginia. most of that will misus, but the clouds -- miss us, but the clouds will roll into the area. and the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm later today. right now, 57 at reagan national. humidity at 87%. low 70s today. the afternoon high will be about 72, 73 with plenty of clouds, mild this time of year. and there could be a shower or thunderstorm. best chance for us later today. much of the day, just dry and cloudy. more details in a minute. back to you. >> thank you. some of our top stories this morning. police are on the hunt for a suspect involved in a deadly stabbing in northeast dc. this happened early yesterday
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morning at that time library bar on 12th street. a man in his 30s was stabbed inside the nightclub and later died at the hospital. the police chief is reviewing a request to issue a 96-hour club closure while the investigation continues. friends of victims are planning a march and benefit to raise awareness to what police are calling hate crimes. two gay men and a transgender woman were hurt in three separate attacks. so far, no arrests. the race for the white house, mitt romney scores an overwhelming victory in yesterday's primary in puerto rico. and because he got more than 50% of the vote, he winds all 20 delegates. they are focusing on tomorrow's primary contest in illinois. we are taking a closer look
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on the toll on american soldiers serving in the war zone. the attorney for the american soldier accused of the shootings robert bales says his client didn't think he would be deployed for a fourth time. some on capitol hill are sounding off. >> reporter: as the fallout continues -- >> he and family were toll that his tours were over. and then literally overnight that changed. >> reporter: there are new questions about the responsibility of americans deployed to war zones. >> troops are being asked to do an unprecedented amount of work. such a small group of people, less than one-half of 1% of the american public. >> reporter: since 21, more -- since 2001, soldiers have been deployed three or more times. and the afghan president saying he wants troops withdrawn from
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rural areas. i have said get out of our villagers and he said we will talk about it in chicago. >> reporter: on sunday, mitt romney said president barack obama is mismanaging his relationship. >> the conditions are not going well. and the, and i lay part of the blame for that on the lack of leadership on the part of the president. >> reporter: and other republicans are urging the u.s. to stay the course. we are making significant advances on the ground. we have decimated the taliban leadership. >> reporter: and the military says they are dealing with mental issues. >> i am confident there is sufficient screening going on. we continue to learn and get better every time. >> reporter: president barack obama is refusing to accelerate the troop draw down scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014.
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another early exit for georgetown in the ncaa tournament. they were upset by an 11th seed. 66-63, the fourth straight time they have been ousted from the tournament by a double-digit seed. the wolf pack are making their first trip to the sweet 16 since 2005. my bracket is done. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. good morning. it is 4:30. a live look outside the capitol dome on what is once again another beautiful morning. >> good morning everyone. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. a quick check of weather as tucker joins us. again, it was a weekend where you're like, is it really? >> you're just waiting,
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beautiful again. >> temperatures are going to cooperate today, a lot of clouds and maybe a shower or thunderstorm. not going to advertise it. >> okay, yeah. >> that spring thing when you know it's going to happen, the temperatures get warm. >> we need the rain by the way. maybe we will squeeze a little rainout. let's take a look at our temperatures. reagan national 57. dulles, 54. we got into the upper 60s yesterday. and the afternoon yesterday turned into a beautiful day with sunshine out. people will see sun today. the radar, one or two showers close to town. and then out to the west, that's a good thunderstorm complex. the thinking is that most of that rain shower activity will stay to the west and dip down to to the south and west. but the cloud cover will roll into the area. and some of, it's possible showers will clip the western viewers. you know, not a perfect day
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today, but temperatures in the 70s, it should feel good. 73 in washington. could be a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. >> all right. >> you're right w those temperatures -- right, with those temperatures. >> yeah, exactly. let's get the latest on the traffic. good morning. >> good morning. right now, an accident activity on the inner loop of the beltway approaching 50 arlington boulevard. heads up towards 66. 395 lanes are open, no trouble spots over the river. light traffic volume north of town at college park. you will find the lanes are open from 270 headed towards college park. southbound 295 quiet. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> all right. thank you. new developments on the american soldier accused of killing afghans. the lawyer for staff sergeant robert beats says he is meeting
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his client for the first time later today. and we are finding out more about the suspect's personal life. >> reporter: good morning. sergeant bales' attorney says he will meet with him face to face and is flying to the military's only maximum security prison today. formal charges are expected this week. and we are learning he had financial problems. just days before the shooting, he and his wife put their home on the market. he was arrested in 2002. and he was also charged with a hit-and-run after he apparently fell asleep at the wheel. senator john mccain says he did you want know if bales suffers from ptsd. >> i hope we can understand that there's always room for improvement in the treatment of our men and women who served in combat, but i am proud of the work that we do and i am proud of our employees at the va who work so hard as well. >> reporter: sergeant bales'
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wife and two children are under federal protection right now. legal experts say if the case goes to court, it will be held in the united states. it's possible that afghan witnesses and victims could be flown to the united states to participate. >> thank you. mitt romney takes all the delegates in puerto rico. the former governor of massachusetts won more than 80% of the vote. that is way more than the 50% needed to get all of the delegates up for grabs. rick santorum lost support last week had he said english should be a requirement for puerto rico to become a state. checking the headlines this morning, dc police are searching for a person they say fatally stabbed a man in his 30s. it happened about 2:30 yesterday morning on 12th street and northeast. the chief is reviewing a request to issue a 96 hour club closure while the investigation continues. so far, no suspects.
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dc residentses and city police are outage after attacks on -- are outraged after attacks on people in the gay community. an organizer of the event says his friend is still recovering. >> the last i heard, he is still in icu. he had complications from the first surgery. they had to redo some things. he's still, as far as i know, he's still being assisted with breathing. he should be released on tuesday they're thinking. >> councilmember graham plans to attend the march. a spokesperson says he's not aware of any arrests made. a close call for patrons after a mini van suddenly slams through the front of a dc
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outreach program. it's on 12th street. and it does prevocational training for people with developmental delays. no one appeared to be inside the office at the time. >> oh, lord, how lucky we are that nobody was there. all that glass. and you know, i think he went to the hospital. i hope he's okay too. >> sarah brown says they can move some of the operation next door and will find ways to make due, but deaf reach could use donations. you can reach them at this phone number. to maryland now, at least seven people were hurt in a card board box derby crash there. is video of the race. you can see it careened out of control, colliding at full speed into a snow making tower. two victims had to be air lifted to hospitals. five others were taken away by ambulance.
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no fun and games there. suspicions about iran's nuclear ambitions are growing. plus, more deadly violence inneria. we are -- violence in syria. we are checking headlines. 
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new bounty. the clean picker upper. in syria, there's a fierce gun battle this morning. rebels are clashing with syrian soldiers in an upscale neighborhood home to embassies. it follows massive car bombings over the weekend two. people were killed yesterday in syria. and in another bombing, 27 people were killed saturday. teams from the united nations are arriving today to assess the crisis. suspicions about iran's nuclear ambitions are growing.
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>> reporter: with the iran situation and iran's nuclear program, you see more discussion about what would happen on day two. white house officials say they haven't ruled out military action against iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon. iranian leaders have threatened to close a strait if a strike should occur. leaders located on the opposite side of the strait suggest a closure would be significant. >> there is no guarantee once the situation is broken, we cannot offer alternatives. and i think everyone around the world [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the society for worldwide bank teal communication is taking steps against iran. the organization has begun blocking 30 iranian banks from using the service.
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the move is being applauded by israel. >> i am sure that there will be impact on the iranian economy. i sincerely hope that the result of the impact would be the decision of the government to stop developing nuclear weapons. >> reporter: while the u.s. and european union have imposed tougher sanctions again iran, the country repeatedly denied accusations it's developing nuclear weapons. in new york, fox news. a busy week ahead that could result in you paying higher income taxes. plus, tucker tracking the weather for us. hi, tucker. >> good morning. mild temperatures out there. clouds and the possibility of a shower or two in the forecast today. details on your forecast. and traffic too after the break. q at lysol, we discovered a problem. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen,
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a live look from the tower cam right now. where you can see across the area. the capitol dome on the left. and the washington monument on the right. another pleasant day. we can get used to this tucker. the weekend was great. and you know, but i have a feeling it's going to change later on. >> not big time. just a little fog, a little mist this morning. and not the bright sunshine we
4:45 am
had saturday. but more warm temperatures in the forecast. >> yeah. we can handle it. >> yeah. maybe a degree or two warmer than yesterdap wor the first ha the day. and that held temperatures down a little bit. but it was comfortable. 68 was the winning number yesterday at reagan national. 68 at dulles. low 70s today. 72, 73 for the daytime high. and again, a lot of clouds in the forecast. the possibility of showers. 57 right now in washington. comfortable overnight here. off to the north and west, good morning, 57. so temperatures generally in the 50s. and we're expecting a warmer temperature this afternoon. all right. here we are in washington up and down 95, a mix of clear skies and cloud cover at the moment. but a thunderstorm complex off to the west.
4:46 am
and all of the energy is diving down to the south and west. but some of the cloud cover will roll into the area. mostly cloudy skies and the possibility of a few showers can get into th communities here later this morning. and then later today, this summary, truly just a summary air mass across the region. the possibility of more showers, maybe a thunderstorm popping up and the springtime heat around here later today. all in all, not a terrible day. at least the possibility of showers out there for monday. more clouds and sun, could be a shower or storm, particularly this afternoon. winds south here at 5 to 10 miles per hour. clouds roll back in tonight. cool overnigh, 55 the overnight low. and tomorrow, the clouds will stick around with temperatures near 70. wednesday doesn't look bad. check out the entire week, the temperatures well above normal. thursday, the best set near 80 by thursday afternoon with
4:47 am
sunshine. let's do some traffic. how you feeling today? >> i'm not going to lie, i can barely move. >> can you stretch? i told you to stretch? >> i couldn't stretch. i couldn't do anything but lay down after 14 miles. >> is it true, i heard you did it in less than two hours. >> just under two hours. >> good job. >> i think that's good. i just happy to finish. you did excellent. i'm proud of you. >> thank you. >> on the road, the inner loop of the beltway, the accident activity. it's on the right side of the beltway inner loop up towards 66. accident activity along the right side of the highway. southbound 270, no problems toward the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. and more commuting news. those who go back and forth
4:48 am
over the bay bridge, a $20 million project is getting underway. that will mean overnight span closures. two-way traffic will operate on the eastbound span during the overnight work on the westbound lanes. the project will not be finished until the fall of 2013. the debate over taxes is going on this week. the maryland house of delegates is wrestling with a package of budget measures. today the ways and means committee will take up a bill to raise taxes on most people. it passed the state senate last week. prince georges county is taking a close look at creating more jobs. a town hall meeting will focus on enacting a bill that helps small businesses win contracts with the county. it begins at 6:00 p.m. as gas prices continue to soar, one solution is going electric. up next, more on the fully
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the first owner of a fully electric car says it was a good investment. >> sales of electric cars have not been at the rates manufacturers have been looking for. >> reporter: 15 months after buying the very first affordable mass produced fully electric car sold in the u.s., he still loves his nissan in sun and in rain. >> it has good brake. >> reporter: we have been tracking him as he logged 15,000 miles cruising around without a single mechanical problem and with access to the
4:52 am
car pool lane. >> saving half an hour to an hour every day. >> reporter: as he passes gas stations posting ever rising prices, he knows he is saving money too. charging his car nightly has raised his electric bill about $60 a month, but he pays monthly when many drivers pay weekly for gas. even so, plug-in vehicles have hit bumps with poor sales causing chevrolet to halt production for six weeks. both car cost about $30,000 after rebates and tax credits. but they still inspire a range anxiety. the leaf gets fewer than 100 miles on a charge. and to play it safe, he usually drives only about 40 miles. uncertainties about distance and where they can plug in away from home has many worried
4:53 am
about being stranded. cities are installing more charging sayings and analysts say as with any new technology, building main stream interest takes time. >> we are going to increased electric vehicles. no matter what. and then how much is still a question. >> reporter: there's no question this driver is sold and will says his next car will be all electric too. >> i feel privileged. >> reporter: fox news. another good season comes to an end. and so does my friend's bracket. up next, on the wrong end of march madness. >> we're going to have the highlights or low lights, and hear from some of the players next in sports. [ female announcer ] ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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capitals on the road against the black hawks. he had a nice move between his legs. that was the redskin's 30th goal. he is just the ninth player to score in each career. the nba, the wizard on the road. loses it in the lane. he picks it up and goes the other way. he finished with 25 points, but needed more. the wizards fell 97-92. another early exit for georgetown in the ncaa tournament. >> they were upset by an 11th seed yesterday. it is the fourth straight time they were ousted approximate from the tournament by a double- digit seed. we were with them in ohio and we have the reaction. >> reporter: after the game, the georgetown faces said it
4:57 am
all, sadness, shock and most of all, disappointment. >> definitely a huge disappointment, but you know, something that's going to hurt for a little while. and hopefully we'll go next year. >> reporter: i know you didn't want it to end this way. >> definitely not. it's tough to go out on a loss. >> reporter: how long will it take to get over this feeling? >> i mean, obviously, as a group, it's tough for us because we've been through so much this year. we've been battle tested throughout the year. it hurts. it hurts. you know, i don't think, you know, for the returning guys, it won't go away for a longtime. >> reporter: the senior sims played only six minutes in the first half. he finished with only four points, but after the game, he
4:58 am
offered no excuses. i know this isn't the way you wanted your senior year to end. the foul trouble must have been frustrated. >> yeah. always frustrated. but this team, they can handle themselves on the court at this point. do what they need to do. >> reporter: they won 24 games this year, including 12 in the big east. and won an ncaa tournament game for the first time in four years. they were not supposed to be this good. >> i have never been more proud of any other group i have been associated with. i don't know that i have been, it's a special group. a special group. you know, when you look at how they're going about their business all year, you know, how we seem to, for the most part, overcome every obstacle thrown at us, a special group of kids in there. it's a team that i will, i hate
4:59 am
to sound cliche, but cherish and never forget. >> reporter: he said he hadn't planned on having this conversation, that he wanted to talk to us in st. louis. and he said this tough loss to north carolina state was going to take a while to get over. in columbus, ohio, fox 5 sports. >> all right. meanwhile on the women's side, georgetown phasing fresno state. georgetown winds 61-56. next step is georgia tech tomorrow. hopefully the ladies can do a little better. >> yeah. all your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. it is 5:00 on this monday, march 19th. a look a


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